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Telephonic Diabetes Education & Support Programs (TDES©)

MCD Public Health works with employers and partners to improve and facilitate provision of best practice education and support programs for adults who are self-managing type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and/or diabetes with cardiovascular disease. TDES© services are provided by experienced and certified diabetes educators from local hospitals via monthly telephone calls following the first in-person visit. TDES© program outcomes show increased access to health education and health care, as well as improved health with reduced medical costs.

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Region Served: Currently the entire state of Maine, easily translated to other states and countries

Focus Areas: diabetes education and self management

Tools: evidenced based curriculum and measurement tools, direct reimbursement model, centralized management of local service provision

Funders: Past funders of TDES© include a Betterment Fund and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Rural Outreach Grant and Betterment Foundation. Current funding is based on fees paid by participating employer groups for TDES© services

Partners: Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust/Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield; Maine CDC Diabetes Program

Contact: Phonse Allen-Laney, Project Coordinator -, 207-622-7566 x252

Address: 11 Parkwood Dr. Augusta ME 04330