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With over 80 poster submissions and 166 individual voters, we are pleased to announce the winners of the Maine CDC School Oral Health Program annual poster contest!

Our organization is committed to bringing people and organizations together for collective impact on our health and well-being. With decades of learning and results under our belt, we are just getting started.

Open to students in grades PK-6, this year's Maine CDC School Oral Health Program annual poster contest was held completely electronically, having all students (fully remote learning, hybrid learning and in person) able to participate. The ADA theme was "Water, Nature's Drink."

Grades PK-K: Winner - Kindergarten, Woodland Consolidated School

Grades 1-2: Winner - 2nd grader, Woodland Consolidated School

Grades 3-4: Winner - 4th Grader, D.W. Merritt School

Grades 3-4: Second place winner - 3rd Grader, Calais Elementary School

Grades 5-6: Tie Winner - 5th Grade, Lincoln Elementary School

Grades 5-6: Tie Winner - 6th Grade, Albion Elementary School

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