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Healthcare Associated Infections and Antibiotic Resistance (HAI/AR) Program

MCD Public Health provides staffing for the Maine CDC’s HAI/AR Program. The HAI/AR Program works in multiple capacities to detect, prevent, and respond to infectious disease threats in healthcare settings.

Key programmatic functions include:

  • Uniting the public, healthcare workers, and healthcare facilities with the common goal of preventing infections
  • Collaborating with state partners to develop and implement HAI prevention and antibiotic stewardship strategies
  • Tailoring national HAI/AR prevention guidelines and strategies in order to provide Maine facilities with the best current prevention practices
  • Detecting and responding to HAI/AR threats
  • Providing technical expertise for outbreak response
  • Conducting infection control assessments at healthcare facilities throughout the state to identify areas for improvement
  • Analyzing HAI/AR data to identify state, regional, and/or local trends to drive prevention and reduction activities
  • Conducting data validation activities to ensure reported data is accurate

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Region Served: Maine - Statewide

Focus Areas: Healthcare associated infections, antibiotic resistance, antimicrobial stewardship, epidemiology, disease surveillance, outbreak detection and response

Tools: Training, technical support, education, quality improvement, disease surveillance, outbreak investigation, data collection and analysis, grant writing

Funders: Federal CDC

Partners: Healthcare facilities statewide, Maine Hospital Association, Maine Health Care Association, New England QIN-QIO, Maine Health Data Organization/Maine Quality Forum

Address: 286 Water Street, 9th Floor, 11 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333