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Diabetes Education & Support

MCD Public Health offers training, technical assistance, and consulting services to improve and facilitate provision of best practice education and support programs for adults who are self-managing type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and/or diabetes with cardiovascular disease. Topics include program design, staff training, program evaluation, data management, data analysis, and working with partners. Program outcomes from Telephonic Diabetes Education & Support ProgramĀ© (TDESĀ©) show increased access to health education and health care, as well as improved health with reduced medical costs. Past initiatives include developing diabetes education materials, developing training curriculum for diabetes educators, and data analysis on cost of care for individuals with diabetes and periodontal disease. We have conducted conference presentations for the Wellness Council of Maine, Maine Diabetes Association of Diabetes Educators, American Association of Diabetes Educators, and American Public Health Association. MCD Public Health also provides information and assistance to the Maine CDC's Diabetes Program through informal and cross category staff collaboration and participation in the MeCDC's advisory group.

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Region Served: Currently the entire state of Maine, easily translated to other states and countries

Focus Areas: diabetes education and self management

Tools: training, technical assistance and support

Partners: Maine CDC Diabetes Program

Contact: Elizabeth Foley, MBA, Co-Director -, 207-622-7566 x297