Healthy Lincoln County

Healthy Lincoln County's mission is to build thriving, healthy communities in Lincoln County. Since 2013, Healthy Lincoln County (HLC) has contracted with MCD Public Health for Management services supports such as IT, Finance and Human Resources. MCDPH fosters professional development opportunities focused on the core public health competencies in order to strengthen the leadership that HLC provides to a broad range of local coalition-based community health initiatives. Because of this infusion, HLC is poised to develop new programs and diversify funding to enhance organizational sustainability.

Currently, HLC carries out a number of health initiatives such as:
  • Tobacco Policy and Environmental Change (prevention with retailers and youth)
  • Smoke-Free Environments (providing education on Maine laws, cigarette awareness)
  • Substance Use and Misuse Prevention (community awareness, risk reduction, life skills, marijuana use education, underage drinking prevention, reduction of access to prescription drugs, school policy best practice standards, drug free communities)
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity promotion (community access, municipal assessments and policy-related activities)
  • Food Security and Local Food Systems (research-based community activities to improve access and education, school programs).
  • SNAP Ed Nutrition Education (nutrition education programs for low income youth, parents, and adults)

Region Served: Lincoln County, ME

Focus Areas: substance use prevention and education, physical activity and nutrition promotion and education, tobacco prevention, mental health systems improvement and promotion.

Tools: community collaboration, coalition building, policy development, data collection and analysis

Funders: Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF), Drug Free Communities Grant (DFC), Maine CDC, University of New England

Contact: Kate Marone, MA, CPH, Executive Director
kmarone@mcdph.org, 207-563-1300

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MCD is the type of organization that everyone looks to as a collaborator in efforts to improve public health. Their vast expertise and innovative thinking have allowed us to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS while helping those affected by this disease lead healthier, more productive lives.
- Andrew Bossie, Executive Director, Maine AIDS Alliance

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