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Worksite Health and Wellness Initiatives

MCD Public Health has more than a decade of experience in worksite health and wellness program development. Partnering with many stakeholders and working across a wide variety of employer sectors, efforts include: developing and implementing interventions and tools, research and assessment, and policy and environmental change to support employers with developing evidence-based workplace health and wellness programs.

Some of our resources:
The Healthy Us Scorecard is an online tool designed to guide and support employer efforts to develop effective worksite health programs.
-It offers an assessment tool to establish health related priorities;
-Provides detailed recommendations for new programs;
-Allows users to sort and prioritize activities into a wellness action plan;
-Allows employers to benchmark their progress against other organizations using the tool

*The Healthy Us Scorecard is available to all Maine employers at no cost through a collaborative agreement with the Maine CDC's Cardiovascular Health Program!

From 2012 through 2014 MCD Public Health partnered with the Maine Development Foundation to develop and implement Healthy Maine Streets (HMS) a state-wide worksite health intervention funded through the CDC's Community Transformation Grants program. The HMS program provided evidence-based resources and technical assistance to more than 200 worksites in 19 communities, establishing a connection between improved health/wellness of the local workforce and enhanced economic vitality. Today, many Healthy Maine Streets are carrying on and expanding their activities and continue to see the benefits of increasing access to healthy options for their workforce and communities.

Check out the Healthy Maine Streets website for more info and resources!

Additional Resources for Worksite Health and Wellness:
Please visit the following websites for additional information and resources:

Healthy Maine Streets - Maine Development Foundation and MCD Public Health

Healthy Maine Works - Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Wellness Council of Maine

National Healthy Worksite Program - U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Region Served: Maine - Statewide

Focus Areas: workplace wellness, policy and environmental changes to support employers with developing evidence-based, workplace wellness programs.

Funders: MCD Public Health is extremely appreciative of support received by past funders which have enabled the development and growth of our Worksite Health and Wellness initiatives:
-Fund for a Healthy Maine
-U.S. CDC Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Community Transformation Grant Programs
-Maine Health Access Foundation

Partners: We collaborate with multiple organizations and programs at the local, state and regional level to develop and assist with implementation of evidence-based worksite health interventions focused on enhancing health outcomes across the workforce and community.

Contact: Danielle Louder, Co-Director
dlouder@mcdph.org, 207-622-7566 x225

11 Parkwood Dr. Augusta, ME 04330

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MCD is the type of organization that everyone looks to as a collaborator in efforts to improve public health. Their vast expertise and innovative thinking have allowed us to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS while helping those affected by this disease lead healthier, more productive lives.
- Andrew Bossie, Executive Director, Maine AIDS Alliance

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