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Public Health Accreditation

MCD Public Health provides staffing for the Maine CDC's Public Health Accreditation project. Maine's state public health agency, the Maine CDC, is preparing to become accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). National Public Health Accreditation is the development of a set of standards and a process to measure health department performance. This project facilitates that preparation by identifying, assessing, and organizing documents and systems to demonstrate how the Maine CDC meets the Accreditation standards; providing training and technical assistance to Maine CDC staff and leadership; and ensuring a complete and accurate application process with PHAB.

Region Served: Maine- Statewide

Focus Areas: Organizational development; strategic planning; health assessment; workforce development and training; cultural competency; staff engagement; quality improvement; performance management

Tools: training, program development, assessment and planning, team development, internal communications, systems development, document management

Funders: Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Partners: Maine CDC, University of Southern Maine, Portland Public Health

Contact: Kate Marone, Project Coordinator
kmarone@mcdph.org, 207-563-1330

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MCD was a critical partner in the development of our TPA Stroke Protocol which is now being used at the hospital. This was a complex and dynamic process involving critical communications with physician leadership and an overall plan to educate key staff within the hospital as well as the entire EMS Team. MCD was most helpful in developing a very strategic and workable plan.
- Bill Flagg, Director, Community Relations and Development, Cary Medical Center

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