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DentaQuest Oral Health 2014 Integration Initiative

Oral Health 2014 is a national initiative, conceived of and funded by the DentaQuest Foundation. Funded states are working to build collaborative leadership around improving oral health and create alignment around six national priorities identified by the US National Oral Health Alliance. Maine's Oral Health 2014 Initiative, designed by MCD Public Health, is working to build collaboration between medical and dental professionals and explore innovative ways to deliver and finance oral health care.

Region Served: Maine - Statewide

Focus Areas: Medical/Dental collaboration, financing oral health care

Tools: collaboration, quality improvement, Facilitated Leadership (trademarked by the Interactive Institute for Social Change)

Funders: DentaQuest Foundation

Partners: Quality Counts, MaineCare, Maine Dental Access Coalition

Contact: Danielle Louder or Elizabeth Foley, MBA, Co-Directors
dlouder@mcdph.org or efoley@mcdph.org, 207-622-7566 x225 or x297

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MCD was a critical partner in the development of our TPA Stroke Protocol which is now being used at the hospital. This was a complex and dynamic process involving critical communications with physician leadership and an overall plan to educate key staff within the hospital as well as the entire EMS Team. MCD was most helpful in developing a very strategic and workable plan.
- Bill Flagg, Director, Community Relations and Development, Cary Medical Center

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