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Maine Cardiovascular Health Council

The Maine Cardiovascular Health Council began in 1978 as the Maine High Blood Pressure Council in response to rising awareness that elevated blood pressure was a major risk factor for heart disease. In 1989, in recognition that other risk factors for heart disease also needed to be addressed, the Council changed its name to the Maine Cardiovascular Health Council. The Council promotes cardiovascular health and risk reduction in Maine communities by working cooperatively with other organizations and agencies to improve coordination of resources. The Council promotes patient, professional, and public education programs and actively supports legislation to increase the resources needed to improve cardiovascular risk reduction.

Region Served: Maine - Statewide

Focus Areas: cardiovascular health

Tools: training, policy advocacy

Partners: Maine CDC Cardiovascular Health Program, American Heart Association

Contact: Diane Campbell, Project Coordinator
dianec@mcdph.org, 207-622-7566 x230

11 Parkwood Dr. Augusta, ME 04330

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An incredible asset to us as we evolved over the years, providing ongoing financial consultation, evaluation, communications planning, and strategic planning support.
- Cindy Flye, Chair, Board of Directors, Maine Assembly on School Based Health Care

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