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MCD Public Health is committed to bringing people and organizations together for collective impact. Over the years MCD Public Health has been a transforming force in public health, earning a reputation for responsive, innovative health initiatives that result in meaningful change. Our track record includes notable accomplishments in rural health, quality improvement, and development of new initiatives to address identified gaps.

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Rural Health

Based in Maine, the most rural state in the U.S. according to the 2010 Census, MCD Public Health has been at the forefront of rural health since its inception. We are accomplished pioneers in linking rural and tertiary health care centers, developing primary prevention programs, and tailoring national research and best practices to fit rural realities. We helped hospitals create some of the first telehealth technology networks in the Maine. We supported health care providers in learning how to use that technology to expand access to care through initiatives such as the Maine Dartmouth Family Practice Residency. Today, we continue our technical assistance role as the home of the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center.

Quality Improvement

Our involvement with clinical quality improvement networks for primary care practices and hospitals, which began in the 1980's, continues today through our leadership of Maine's Practice Improvement Network (MPIN). MCD Public Health established MPIN as a learning community for quality managers and professionals from practices across the state, including Maine’s major health systems and physician hospital organizations (PHO’s). MCD Public Health also helped to design Maine's emergency management system; we continue to work with first responders to develop and implement essential quality improvements. These include enhanced in-transit communication with health care providers and a telestroke network that assures that all emergency departments in Maine have 24/7 access to stroke experts and neurologists. We also helped communities organize and create federally qualified health centers and fostered creation of their state association. Today we partner with community health centers to support to become patient centered medical homes, integrate behavioral and oral health, and to develop school-based health care centers.

Program & Organizational Development

Through our commitment to collaboration and creative problem solving, MCD Public Health has provided organizational development and program start-up services for many non-profit and public agencies over the years. Many of these initiatives continue today as independent organizations-such as Maine Hospice Council, Maine Dartmouth Family Practice Residency, Maine Primary Care Association, and OnPoint Health Data (formerly Maine Health Information Center). Others remain housed at MCD Public Health, such as Maine Oral Health Coalition, Maine Senior Driver Coalition, AIDS Drug Assistance Program Advisory Committee, and Maine Cardiovascular Health Council. Meanwhile, organizations such as Maine Public Health Association and Healthy Communities of the Capitol Area continue to receive our administrative and fiscal management services.

"The menu of skills among MCD's professional staff is impressive. They have been designing, managing and implementing high quality medical care and public health programs for years."
- Lisa Miller, Senior Program Officer, The Bingham Program

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